When thinking of popular social media sites Nextdoor is probably not the first to come to mind, and considering the site’s premise is connecting people online with their neighborhood, people literally within walking distance, it makes sense that the site hasn’t become the next facebook. Yet despite the odds being stacked against it, Nextdoor is doing well. It boasts coverage of just under 150,000 US neighborhoods, and has found a niche use as a board where neighbors can share info on upcoming community events and can assist each other in looking out for crime, creating a digital neighborhood watch.

Like any other popular social media site Nextdoor must solve the glaring issue of how to make themselves profitable, and connecting into the real estate world might just be their answer. Given the focus on individual neighborhoods and communities it comes as no surprise that Nextdoor has begun to rollout a listing search tool along with the ability for agents to buy ads on the site. As of now these additions are only available to brokerages and are only being tested in the Bay Area, San Diego, Portland, Phoenix, Dallas, and the greater Atlanta area.

These new features aren’t just limited to a simple search function with overlayed ads either. Instead they implement an “ask a question” feature and even show endorsements on properties by neighbors. These features provide deep integration with real estate listing, and they’re just the beginning. If the company continues to rollout these type of changes Nextdoor may just be the next big thing in the real estate world.



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